Welcome To Registered Painters

“Top Notch Painting Services – Competitive Pricing – Licensed & Fully Insured, 10 year Guarantees on work! Interior – Exterior – Fences & Special Finishes”

The above are things lots of painters say on their website, but really – what does it all mean? what does it take to choose a good painter?

In New South Wales a painter must be licensed if he/she contracts, sub-contracts or advertises to do exterior residential painting where the reasonable market cost of the labour and building materials is more than $5000. Licenses are issued by the Department of Fair Trading NSW.


  1. Meet as many as you can. Call in at least three different contractors for your job. (Friends and family are good reference sources.) Good painters will usually come to your house.
  2. Tell them what you want clearly. Make sure you know before you invite them.
  3. Get Estimates – get them to give you ball park figures and a written quote.
  4. Check references and past work. A good painter always has references.
  5. Check credentials – insurances / guarantees / licenses if applicable.
  6. Choose the paint yourself – good painters will allow you to choose the paint and not have to bring their own paint. Be prepared to pay a higher labour cost for a good painter.
  7. See if they move the furniture for you.

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